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Teen dies after huffing Freon | News

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Teen dies after huffing Freon

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- Police investigate a tragic death in Midwest City. A 13-year-old boy died in his neighbors yard. Police believe the victim had been huffing Freon from an air conditioning unit.

Midwest City police released an emotional 911 call made by the boy's father.

Police hope it's a painful lesson to parents everywhere.  

Here's a transcript of that call:

Dispatch: "Midwest City 911. Is this a medical emergency?"
Dad: "Well my son is missing. My teenage son. He's 13 and uh I haven't seen him since about 1:30 today(Screaming)"
Dad: "Hold on. Somebody's screaming that they found him."
Dispatch: "OK. I'll wait."
Dad: "Oh, please send an ambulance!"
Dispatch: "OK. What's going on?"
Dad: "Oh my God."
Dispatch: "What's going on?"
Dad: "It's our son! We just found the body across the street, in front of the neighbors house. He's dead!"
Dispatch: "OK. You're saying he's dead? Is there any blood around him?"
Dad: (Screaming) "His eyes are open. His lips are blue."
Dispatch: "Can you tell me what you think happened, Raymond?"
Dad: "I have no idea."

"The father called 911 to report his son missing," Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said. "During the call they obviously found the child at the neighbor's house. It was apparent he'd been tampering with the AC unit and Freon, based on the evidence on scene. It's just a horrible senseless death."

Trey King's family said they believe the teen and some friends saw a video on the internet exposing them to the deadly activity of huffing Freon.

"In the age of social media and the internet, people are doing all sorts of bad things they learned from the internet. This is a prime example of what can result, a senseless death," Clabes said.

Chief Clabes said he hopes releasing the 911 call encourages other parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of huffing.

"We hope every parent will explain to their child the dangers of inhaling intoxicants," Clabes said.

The chief said huffing Freon is also known by a slang phrase, "chasing the rat."

Any parent who hears their kid talking about the term should definitely speak up.

The boy's family did not want to talk about the death on camera on Monday.  

A memorial service is planned later this week at Nicoma Park Middle School where Trey was a student.


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